Josephine and Jason


Josephine and Jason is a short novella written in serial form. Each chapter is a short story Karen Eastland’s newsletter subscribers received each week on Serial Wednesday for 25 weeks. It has been edited and more information added making this a great read for anyone interested in the fantasy, gods, naturals genre.

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The #ebook version of the Josephine and Jason, Serial Wednesday newsletter is now available.

It is #free for my Newsletter subscribers for free.

The story has been polished, and more information has been added. It draws on information that will be in the Origins novel and is all about what happened to Josephine, Ann and Kaz in the two week prior to Book One: A Friend in Need. It has information that only my subscribers know when they read the Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives novels.

Join my FaceBook group (this is a closed group for my followers only) to get this book free today. Find out what happened in the two weeks prior to book one: A Friend in Need. You won’t be disappointed, or you can subscribe to my newsletter and get the code to download the book also.

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