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The Conception Ritual – Origins Update

The Conception Ritual – Origins Update What a marvelous show. #Anemoi rained gentle winds to dress their bodies #Zeus and #Hera gave their assent to the continuance of the #Bearers reign #Aite lit up the sky with her strikes of lightening. #Aphrodite and #Demeter were there together and participated in the #Ritual as did #Ares […]

Greek Mythology

The Archaeology and Geology of Ancient Greece

The growth and development of many well-known ancient Greek sites can be more fully understood and appreciated in the context of their geological settings and plate-tectonic dynamics (especially earthquakes, faulting, tsunami, and volcanism). Sites such as Delphi, Mycenae, Ithaka (Cephalonia), Akrotiri (Thera), Helike, Thermopolyae, and Ancient Corinth are some of the examples where there is […]