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Griffin Warrior

  Archaeologists Find One Of The “Finest Works Of Prehistoric Greek Art Ever” In Griffin Warrior.’ For several years, archaeologists have been rooting around the 3,500-year-old tomb of a Bronze Age warrior they call the “Griffin Warrior.” Within this ancient tomb, they have previously unearthed the warrior’s skeleton and an array of jewelry. Now, the […]

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Origins Update – The Dryad

After eight sexless months, #Theodora was at the #life grove. She’d called forth the spear of #Achilles — the least threatening weapon in her armory. In her search for the life #Tree — #Theo wondered if she was looking for the intertwining trees of #Baucis and #Philemon — #guardians of the temple at the foot of #Olympus #Humans were formed from #Ash and #Oak Theo surmised and was about to reveal her bounty, but stopped just in […]