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Day 4

Today on Kaz Radio, I, Karen Eastland, talk about a major editing hurdle, along with a couple of hiccups that I came across in the first of three edits of Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives coming out this Christmas. The new book cover hasn’t arrived yet, but as soon as it does, I will […]

Kaz Talkz

Dialogue Attribution

Some of the errors I have come across today and yesterday have been the lack of quotations to identify dialogue attribution. I know who’s talking, but there is no way that you would know. I’ve added extra story lines for a more complete tale at specific places throughout the trials and victories experienced by the […]

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives

Who is Mel Karchovc?

Mel Karchovc is a beautiful individual. Her beauty comes from within. She’s very pretty, but add that inner shine, and she outshines all her friends every time. This doesn’t bother her friends, they are all very confident, happy young women… except for Kaz that is. Though Mel has a secret. She’s known about her heritage […]


At Last

I am about to disappear into the void for editing. So here’s a little something for you romantics out there. I have been writing a chapter a day, for my upcoming, first ever full sized novel, in the intended 10 book series, Fields of Elysian, The Alternatives (a complete draft of chapter 1 is available […]