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Theodora and Dee counted their dead. Many could be healed, but there were a lot who had their throats ripped out by the #Vamps Many took their dead, and #warriors from the other worlds, took their dead with them to perform #Rites

Theodora and #Eros went home, ate, had a drink then climbed into bed, that’s when the #dreaming began.

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#Theodora drifted on dreams wings to a small island where #Aphrodite and her #Handmaidens washed

and clothed her.

It was a #magical experience and as she floated back to her bed, Eros was greeted by#Nymphs dancing to the reed pipe of #Pan they frolicked and talked about #love #life and things and when Eros arrived back to his bed, both Theodora and himself slept with smiles, prepared for the #Ritual of conception.

Apollo and Artemis: The Twin Gods

Apollo and Artemis: The Twin Gods (Apollo vs Python)

Greek Cities in Italy

Secrets of Archaeology – Greek Cities in Italy Magna Græcia (Latin meaning “Great Greece”, Greek: Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς, Megálē Hellás) is […]

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