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Day 1: A decision was made. Enemies were revealed. Their sinister plans uncovered. How on earth(s) will Josephine’s mother, Theodora, ever bring forth the new Bearer, let alone get the time to conceive her.

Will Demeter and Persephone have any ideas?
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Day 2: While Theodora and #Athena were hobnobbing it with #Persephone and #Demeter#Aite was left alone to hold off the #Cyclops. He’d been sent to listen only, so apart from a little trickery here and there, it wasn’t too difficult for her, but #Ares was no help at night. So, #Aite had been awake for 36 hours, and no-body likes a grumpy #trickster #goddess.


Day 3: Today #Hermes came to the rescue, while #Ares tried to dodge #Aite‘s look, after #Athena said #Aphrodite could open a portal for them to gather #warriors from the other worlds to save #Eros from #Bia and #Hera s evil plans. But it’s alright #Brontes the #Cyclops was sent back to the #Underworld, but #Theodora had to invoke the powers of #Nike to make the him speak.


And finally: I have co-opted the group I created a year ago, closed it and only made it available to those who would like to follow my activities and writing milestones, but also to give you free content.

Available today is the Josephine and Jason #novella I will not be sending email newsletters anymore, I will use my group to provide you with my weekly serials and updates.

There are 3 questions to answer about me.

Apply to join, I’m here all day and will give you access to the free .epub immediately.


Athena: The Story of the Birth of the Goddess of Wisdom, Justice and War

  Athena: The Story of the Birth of the Goddess of Wisdom, Justice and War

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