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Medusa: Victim or Villain?

Medusa: Victim or Villain? by Monstrum

With her dramatic serpentine hair, and powerful petrifying gaze, Medusa has been a prominent figure in literature and art for thousands of years. One of three Gorgon sisters, she’s been worshipped and feared in almost equal measure. Medusa once served as a symbol of protection, but became a sign of vice and seduction. In this episode you’ll learn the different variations of this snake-haired woman’s origin story from 8th century BC to 19th-century poetry and even modern films. I know what you’re thinking: ‘I know Medusa. I’ve seen the movies.’ But do you really? Watch to find out!

Written and Hosted by: Dr. Emily Zarka

Director: David Schulte

Executive Producer: Amanda Fox

Producer: Stephanie Noone

Illustrator: Samuel Allen

Editor: Produced by Spotzen for PBS Digital Studios.

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